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Welcome to PLATEAU

Rodin Gallery was inaugurated in 1999 presenting its permanent installation of Auguste Rodin¡¯s monumental masterpiece The Gates of Hell, and since then, has established itself as one of the central institutions in the Korean contemporary art scene over the next decade. In May 2011, Rodin Gallery now reopens its doors under the new name, PLATEAU.

With the new name, PLATEAU expresses our renewed commitment to embracing the Korean and international contemporary art scene, in continuation with our permanent display of Rodin masterpieces.

Inspired from the geological terminology which denotes ¡®highland¡¯ or ¡®sedimentary layer¡¯, PLATEAU hopes to expand its original meaning as an exhibition space. As noted by the acclaimed philosophers Deleuze and Guattari, ¡®plateau¡¯ is not a fixed point where products of the past are deposited but rather a place that requires endless re-exploration, as well as a mid-point in between a beginning and an end, constantly vibrating and always of its own accord. Similarly, PLATEAU also aspires to provide a new experimental ground for the art historical achievements of the past and future to coincide and become reinterpreted with new perspectives.

Moreover, PLATEAU also represents the ¡®higher ground¡¯ that artists aspire to accomplish, and a place where art lovers may experience heightened artistic inspiration, not as an exclusive summit of the privileged, but as a true higher plain that embraces all.

At PLATEAU, we hope to convey art not as an artificial counterpart to nature, but as its complement which by its essence, ultimately must return as part of nature. We envision the infinite artistic possibilities that may unfold above the expanse of ¡®plateau¡¯ and sincerely hope to share the pleasure of experiencing the dynamic developments in contemporary art with you at PLATEAU.

MI Museum Identity

The design connotes the highland and vast plain, represented by the abstract form symbolizing plateau and the horizontal extension of the word PLATEAU above the symbol, replicating the higher plain. The unique aspect of the design is emphasized by the extended length of the word PLATEAU over the abstract symbol, creating an illusion of instability rather than a permanent fixture. These characteristics of the overall design reflect the mission of PLATEAU, providing a continuously evolving ground for reinterpretation and experimentation of contemporary art.